My First Cooked Frosting

I’m not going to lie to you.
I’m not the biggest fan of whipped cream. But the Boyfriend loves some Cool Whip.

So I decided to knock off two birds with one stone: make a “Cool Whip-esque” cupcake topping for him, make my first cooked frosting for me.

Really though, how could I NOT make something for this guy! (Note: that is not my, his, or our puppy. He was at the Atlanta Humane Society and we went to visit. He’s a Pittbull mixed with something else and his name was Costello. He was literally the most adorable puppy EVER! But he was a biter. Boo. Plus, no dogs right now.)

Anyway, I grabbed both the recipe for the frosting as well as for the delicious cupcakes underneath them from Can You Stay For Dinner. Does anyone else read her blog? She just oozes sweetness and warmth.

“Cool Whip”-esque Whipped Frosting
(This recipe makes a lot of frosting! Andrea from Can You Stay For Dinner says enough for a 9″ cake!)

1 cup of milk
5 tbsp. flour
2 tsp. vanilla extract (I increased it-because I love vanilla-to 1 full tablespoon)
1 cup (2 sticks) butter, room temperature
1 1/4 cups granulated sugar

1. In a saucepan, heat the milk and flour over medium heat. Whisk this sucker constantly.
To be honest, this is the part that intimidated me the most. “Flour?! Inside frosting? The best part of the cupcake and there’s more flour??” I thought. But, I followed the directions as I was told. Hoping it wouldn’t taste…gloopy.

Ps- My little baby kitchen has such bad lighting. So sad. And gloopy…

2. The milk and flour mixture will start to sputter but keep whisking. When it reaches the consistency of a thick batter, you can stop and take it off the heat.

3. Transfer it to another container and stir in the vanilla extract, then put it aside to cool completely.

4.  With an electric mixture, beat the room temperature butter with 1 cup of the granulated sugar until light, fluffy, and white. This should take about three minutes. But for my mixer, it took a little longer.

5. Make sure the milk/flour mixture is completely cool. If it’s not…just…pause here and wait. I did some plank and plyo work on the floor of my lil tiny kitchen, but you don’t have to.

–iPhone camera skills, eh?

6. Once cool, mix the milk/flour mixture into the butter/sugar mixture on med-low speed to start. I gradually brought mine up to high speed towards the end.

7. Put on a cupcake and devour.

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